AudioFile Magazine PERFECT TIMING"Narrator Rachel Fulginiti expertly navigates listeners through this well-crafted story...Fulginiti provides a warm and friendly voice, subtle inflections, and a natural acting style Her vocal choices for the various characters are spot-on, and her perfectly timed hesitations keep the story engaging."AudioFile Magazine PUT A RING ON IT"Amy Rubinate does not disappoint in narrating this funny romantic comedy. Rubinate deftly infuses 'quirky' into the hilarious and likable occupants of this town. Characters are adroitly performed, and each one's persona is spot-on. A laugh-out-loud fun fest."AudioFile THE OPPOSITE OF MAYBE"Hilary Huber uses her lyrical voice to perfection in this offbeat story of love, commitment, and finding what really matters in life. Upon discovering that she's having a "change-of-life" baby. Her vocal range deftly supports her performance of this poignant and sometimes humorous story. She brings the novel to life, keeping the listener engaged and hoping for a 'happily ever after.' "School Library Journal ABSOLUTELY TRULY"Narrator Amy Rubinate's soothing voice fits the cozy atmosphere of the novel well. This realistic, heartwarming family story will have special appeal for children with parents in the armed forces."AudioFile I'LL BE SEEING YOU"The power of the written word resonates in Tavia Gilbert's and Kate Rudd's compelling portrayals of war wives. Rudd instills a youthful optimism that balances well with the personality of her pen pal, Rita. Gilbert lends a sensible voice to a woman who waits for both her husband and her son to come home. Both narrators do a beautiful job of saturating the letters with the sting of heartache, the shock of relief, and overwhelming love and support."Library Journal I'LL BE SEEING YOU by Suzanne Hayes and Loretta Nyhan | Read by Tavia Gilbert and Kate Rudd"Hayes and Nyhan's debut joint novel uses the epistolary format to chronicle the lives of wartime pen pals Marguerite Vincenzo in Iowa and Glory Whitehall in Connecticut...While the protagonists' distinct personalities come through early on, the talented narration duo of Kate Rudd and Tavia Gilbert further aid listeners in differentiating among speakers and lives. Verdict: This moving novel would be a welcome addition to any fiction collection; especially recommended for libraries where historical fiction and women's fiction are popular."AudioFile Magazine THE FILL-IN BOYFRIEND by Kasie West | Read by Shannon McManus "Narrator Shannon McManus's characters are cheerfully young and energetic...McManus performs the "mean girl" by speaking slowly, as though she's hatching a plot, while Gia's other friends sound bubbly, and the male characters have charmingly low-pitched tones. Her exuberance fits the romance genre perfectly."AudioFile Magazine EVERY LAST WORD by Tamara Ireland Stone | Read by Amy Rubinate

“Sam’s life begins to change on the first day of her junior year when a mysterious student introduces her to the Poet’s Corner, a secret room where student share poetry and music. There Sam finds artistic freedom, love, friendship–and a problem more frightening than any she’s faced before. Rubinate’s characterizations and a surprising ending enhance this story.”

AudioFile Magazine ABSOLUTELY TRULY by Heather Vogel Frederick | Read by Amy Rubinate

“Rubinate’s clear diction and crisp, effervescent delivery of dialogue add to the fast pace of the imaginative mystery that unfolds when Truly discovers a letter in a valuable edition of CHARLOTTE’S WEB. Her voice for the young protagonist is springy and light, effectively capturing Truly’s youth, curiosity, and likability.”